The TSS Mentorship program is structured under two categories: The “Founder League“ and the “Industry Advisor“. These mentors are active in dynamic ecosystems around the world.

The Founder League is comprised of individuals with hands-on and market relevant experience. They are all as self-sustaining entrepreneurs that seek to empower TSS member startups to go global as well as encourage more program alumni to join the Founder League as valuable mentors themselves.

The Industry Advisor consists of distinguished individuals that are recognized by their industry peers for inspiring entrepreneurs through their experience both domestically and internationally. The Industry Advisors are comprised of senior manager from major Corporations, Venture Capitalists & Investors, and various media experts.

TSS organizes coaching programs such as 1:1 mentor office hours, panel discussions and various workshops. We are always happy to welcome new mentors into our community who are willing to guide and accelerate the growth of our startup members and contribute to the startup community. Are you our SLX member startup that’s looking to speak to our mentors for advice? Are you someone with extraordinary expertise in the various industry verticals that’s looking to contribute, make connections, and become part of TSS’ global community mentors? Click on the below options to apply!

台灣新創競技場 (TSS) 業師計畫主要由活躍於新創界之創業家及各界專家,包含媒體、投資人、企業家等各領域專家組成,TSS業師來自世界各地,平時透過一對一的導師時間、主題式工作坊、小型討論會與新創連結。TSS歡迎具豐富海外市場拓展經驗之創業家、精深領域專家、願意讓新創團隊更上一樓之業界朋友加入TSS業師行列。欲申請加入業師請點擊下方選項,我們期待與您做朋友!

Are you a startup that’s not our SLX member but has a question towards your product, a question regarding the different stages of your BD, about setting up the different levels of pricing to your SaaS plans, or have other questions of the like? Click on the button below to submit your question to TSS! We will try to redirect your question(s) to the most suitable mentor and post it in the form of public forum (in the making) so all viewers can read and learn from the mentors’ experiences! Under any circumstances, we strongly encourage you to apply to become our SLX member for more exclusive perks and chances to actually speak with our mentor! 😉