Yasuo Kawabata is the founder and president of aKtivevision Ltd., a consulting firm that helps business entities to create innovative new business and to find ways to realize it. His clients include Japanese major companies, and Japanese/overseas startups. Before starting his own company, Yasuo Kawabata worked for telco and ad/marketing companies for over 20 years. He is experienced in investing in telco startups through corporate venture capital. He took on the role of COO at a subsidiary branch of a foreign startup in Japan invested by telco and helped Japan’s leading mobile handset manufacturer in their overseas marketing strategy.

He is a frequent visitor of Taiwan and loves Taiwanese tea. A graduate of the University of Tokyo. Bachelor of Geography.

Yasuo Kawabata是aKtivevision Ltd.的創始人和總經理,該公司是一家幫助企業單位創造並實踐創新業務的諮詢公司。Yasuo接手的客戶包括日本大公司和日本/海外新創公司。在創辦自己的公司之前,Yasuo Kawabata曾在電信和廣告/行銷公司工作超過20年。他在電信公司的企業創業投資經驗豐富。另外,Yasuo 在擔任日本初創子公司的首席運營官時曾幫助日本領先的手機製造公司製定海外營銷策略,該日本初創公司是由電信所投資之新創公司。

愛好台灣茶葉的Yasuo 是台灣的常客。他畢業於東京大學並擁有地理學士文憑。