Jake Lin (林常軒) is the former Head of Manufacturing Ops and APAC Expansion for Pebble Technology, and the early Pebble employee responsible for getting the Smart Watch made, from conception to mass quantity production and on-time delivery. He is also responsible for introducing Pebble into the Asia-Pacific market through partnership development and multi-channel strategy.

A hardware fanatic with experience from PC to Camera to Robotic to IOT, Jake has extensive experience executing for startups including Neato Robotics and Flip camera prior to Pebble. Jake is efficient in product development, supply chain, manufacturing, market expansion and partner development.

Jake Lin曾在Pebble Technology負責生產管理以及亞太地區的業務拓展。他是Pebble的元老級員工,負責把Smart Watch從概念導入量產,最終準時交到客戶手裡。此外,他也負責透過合作關係與多重管道的策略,將Pebble的產品打入亞太市場。

Jake是個不折不扣的硬體迷,從PC到相機、機器人、物聯網等經驗豐富。加入Pebble之前,他累積許多協助新創團隊的執行經驗,包括Neato Robotics以及Flip相機。他的專長包括產品開發、供應鏈管理、生產製造、行銷拓展,以及發展合作夥伴。