Casey Lau is one of Hong Kong's tech start-up pioneers, having launched one of the first HK-based web design studios, Rogue Media; co-founded, one of Asia's first e-commerce sites; co-founded Velocity9, a new media development agency and Popcorn Media Network, a digital publishing company.

He along with Gene Soo, John Buford and Daniel Cheng formed StartupsHK in 2009 to ignite the tech startup scene in Hong Kong through a series of conferences and networking events - and helped grow the Hong Kong ecosystem from the original 4 founders, who met weekly at coffee shops in Hong Kong, to over 10,000 community members today.

Casey speaks about startups at conferences around the world from South East Asia to the United Kingdom to China and Europe, as well as speaking to multinational corporates around the region looking to learn more about startups and implementing the new wave of technology innovation within their organizations.

In 2010, he was on the founding team behind IBM SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program in Asia-Pacific, running a virtual incubator for startups across the region covering China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Currently, Casey splits his time in Hong Kong as the Head of Asia and Co-Host of the RISE conference - the fastest growing startup and technology innovation conference in Asia powered by the team behind Europe’s Web Summit, and as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Venture Partner of Blue Startups based in Honolulu, Hawaii where he oversees mentoring teams from Asia wanting to expand to the US and American teams looking to expand to Asia. He is also the co-host of East Meets West, Hawaii’s largest startup conference with the 4th edition taking place in January 2018.

Casey also hosts the official RISE podcast which is broadcast to thousands of listeners each week, and is the founder of a global mentor network called Yodin - launching this Spring 2017.

He is currently working on his first science-fiction novel.


Casey Lau 可以說是香港科技新創產業的先驅,歷年來創立了香港第一家網路設計工作室 Rogue Media、亞洲第一個電子商務網站、 多媒體公司 Velocity9 以及數位出版公司 Popcorn Media Network。

Casey 與另外三位夥伴 Geno Soo、John Buford 及 Daniel Cheng 於 2009 年共同成立 StartupsHK,藉由舉辦一系列的展覽和活動來活絡香港的新創圈。從一開始只有四位創辦人窩在香港的咖啡廳工作,到現在 StartupHK 已累積超過 10,000 名會員。

Casey 在世界各地演講,分享他對新創企業的見解,對象包括許多對新創公司和創新技術有興趣的跨國公司。

2010 年,Casey 是亞太區 IBM SoftLayer’s Catalyst 新創計畫 (Catalyst 為 SoftLayer 新創育成中心) 創始團隊的一員,負責經營虛擬的孵化器,服務範圍遍及中國、日本、新加坡、印尼、印度、泰國、馬來西亞、越南及台灣等地。

Casey 目前在香港擔任 RISE 的亞洲區負責人及活動合辦人。RISE - 為全亞洲最大的科技新創盛會,由 Web Summit 所支持。另外,Casey 是 Blue Startups(總部位在夏威夷檀香山)的駐點創業家及創業合夥人,輔導想擴張到美國的亞洲團隊以及想拓展亞洲市場的美國團隊。同時,Casey 也是夏威夷最大新創展會 East Meets West 的合辦人,近期的第四屆展會將於 2018 年 1 月舉行。

Casey 目前也擔任 RISE podcast 的主持人,每週發布的節目都有數千名聽眾;他同時也是 2017 年春季剛發行的一個全球線上業師網絡 Yodin 的創辦人。