Max Huang (黃紹麟) has over 17 years of experience in the Internet and telecom industry. He has previously served in senior management positions in various well-known Internet companies in China, including, and, and has also worked at prominent enterprises, including Vibo Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and Sina Corporation. In fact, his career has followed the growth of the Internet industry, with experience spanning from portal websites, social networks, e-commerce to third-party payment. Along the way, he has garnered experience in the roles of professional manager, entrepreneur and investor.

Since 2009, Max has been an investment partner at Chinese Founders Fund, a reputable angel capital company in China that invests in Chinese Internet companies. Its investment portfolio includes games, e-commerce and O2O, and it supports start-up entrepreneurs in strategy development, finance management and capital operation. Max is very familiar with the investment circle in China and has extensive network of contacts. In 2014, he established International Date Line Capital (換日線資本), continuing in angel investing and helping startups obtain their investment funds.


自2009年起,黃紹麟開始於中國的知名天使投資機構嘉丰資本擔任投資合夥人,投資中國的網路公司。投資領域包含了遊戲,電子商務,O2O 等,並針對旗下企業進行戰略擬定,財務管理以及資本操作等工作進行輔導。黃紹麟對於中國的投資圈子非常熟悉,擁有廣泛的人脈網絡,並在2014年成立了換日線資本,持續進行天使投資工作,以及輔導創業公司取得投資。