As the co-founder of GIXIA (奇想創造) and CEO of SquareX (富奇想(股)公司), Dave Chien (簡大為) has the experiences in consumer electronic and design industry at home and abroad. Moreover, he is full of design practice and brand and design consultant experiences. His specialties are brand and design strategies, design management, service design, and design thinking guidance.

In 2006, he has led the design team to participate in the technique merchandize strategy development of Industrial Technology Institute of Taiwan, ROC and won 15 international design awards in two years. He started the thought of reverse thinking from the perspective of the users and being the pioneer in the long-term cooperation of design field and state technology research institute. In 2010, he invented the concept of design 4.0, proposing to combine design thinking into business operation strategies and open the new opportunity for the brand development as the demand-oriented innovative process.