Saul Orbach is a Venture Partner with BrightSky Ventures, a Paris based, global, seed stage investor that bridges the gap between small and medium size enterprises and talented startups. He is also a Venture Partner with Starta Capital, and works with their portfolio companies in transition to the US helping prepare them for fundraising and helps them grow and succeed.

Saul Orbach為BrightSky Ventures的創業合夥人。BrightSky Ventures是一間專門投資種子期新創的企業,總部設於巴黎,旨在消除中小企業和優秀新創間的差距。Saul同時是Starta Capital的創業合夥人,與朝美國發展的投資公司共事以協助他們為募資作準備並成長茁壯。