Ben Tsiang (蔣顯斌) graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of National Taiwan University, and acquired a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, specialized in Human-Computer Interface (HCI).

Ben Tsiang co-founded (Nasdaq: SINA) with two Stanford senior classmates in 1995 in Silicon Valley. He served as Vice President of global products, in charge of worldwide product planning & media alliance. In year 2000 mandated as General Manager of SINA Taiwan branch. After two years, his duty extended to East China market. In 2003, Ben Tsiang moved to Beijing and took on General Manager of SINA Mobile.

After 12 successful years with SINA, Ben Tsiang switched his gear and co-founded CNEX (視納華仁文化傳播股份有限公司) in 2006. CNEX, a social enterprise devoted to documentary film production and promotion, is aiming at building Chinese visual literacy and creating social impact through factual films. CNEX works with independent filmmakers to produce documentaries, which have won awards at prominent film festivals such as Venice Film Festival, Cinéma du réel, and Golden Horse Awards. In addition, CNEX holds documentary film festivals and organizes world-known doc summit CCDF (CNEX Chinese Doc Forum) to make collaborative connections between Chinese and international documentary communities.

Ben Tsiang mentors various Internet companies in Greater China. He also is angel investor for startups.


1995 年,在矽谷與兩位史丹佛同學共同創辦新浪網(NASDAQ: SINA),擔任全球產品副總,負責策劃全球產品以及媒體事務。在 2000 年轉任新浪台灣分公司總經理,兩年後業務拓展至大陸東部市場,並在 2003 年決定移居北京,接任手機新浪網總經理。

在新浪網飛黃騰達 12 年,蔣顯斌決定轉換跑道,於 2006 年共同創辦視納華仁文化傳播股份有限公司,一間專門製作及推廣紀錄片的社會企業,致力於培養華人解讀視覺藝術的能力,提升紀實攝影對社會的影響力,主要協助獨立影片創作者拍攝紀錄片,曾於威尼斯影展、龐畢度中心真實電影節 (Cinéma du Réel) 以及台北金馬影展獲獎。此外,也定期舉辦主題紀錄片影展並負責策劃華人紀錄片提案大會(CCDF),期望透過紀實文藝促進國際社會與華人的文化交流。