Choon Yan (CY) Tan started his career in Banking under various Banks’ Technology groups but soon moved out. He previously led the supply chain integration team and did data analysis work for Google in California, working with large contract manufacturers and carriers on Google Android and Chrome products. Before Google, CY worked as Product Mgr and iOS Developer for a Pittsburgh-based startup, Comvibe, on Rental Property Management SaaS solution. When he was in teens, he did freelance websites, scripting and computer assembly for his friends and companies as an interest.

Also, CY is a payment optimization mentor in various major accelerators such as ONL, MaGIC and SBC and has spoken at regional startup conferences such as Echelon and TechCrunch.


CY的職涯開始於銀行業,曾服務過許多銀行的科技部門,但為期不長。他也曾經任職於Google加州總部,帶領供應鏈整合團隊並進行資料分析工作,負責管理大型代工廠及電信商與Google的合作事項,主要產品領域為Google Android系統與Chrome瀏覽器。在進入Google之前,CY任職於位於匹茲堡的新創公司Comvibe,擔任產品經理與iOS系統開發師,主要負責產品為出租物業管理的SaaS解決方案。他少年時期的興趣之一,就是自己接案,替朋友或企業設計網站、撰寫程式或組裝電腦。此外,CY也指導過許多加速器的支付優化工作,包括ONL、MaGIC、SBC,並在Echelon與TechCrunch等區域性新創論壇上擔任講師。