Peter Yen (顏君庭) is the co-founder and CEO of Pinkoi ( ), the leading curated C2C community and marketplace for designers in Asia. He is an entrepreneur, a silicon valley veteran, a technology evangelist and a dad of two lovely kids, who deeply believe that design and creative products is profoundly changing the lifestyle in Asia.

Previously, Peter spent 4 years at Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA, where he led the engineering team and spearheaded the global development of Yahoo Answers. Peter was the founding member of Yahoo Answers and helped Yahoo Answers launched to over 20 countries worldwide.

Before Yahoo, Peter worked at TrendMicro, Cupertino, CA, where he developed enterprise web security solution on appliances and embedded systems. To date, the product is widely used by enterprises in Japan.

Peter received M.S of Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh and B.S in Engineering from National Taiwan University in Taiwan.

顏君庭是Pinkoi (的共同創辦人兼執行長,該網站專為亞洲設計師所成立,是居於領先地位的C2C(客戶對客戶)策展社群及市場。他結合企業家、矽谷老將、科技傳教士於一身,並且是二個可愛小孩的爸爸,他深信設計及創意產品正在深刻改變亞洲的生活方式。

先前Peter在加州桑尼維爾的Yahoo(雅虎)待了4年時間,負責領導工程團隊,並為Yahoo Answers(雅虎問答)的全球發展擔任先鋒。顏君庭也是Yahoo Answers的創始成員,並協助Yahoo Answers在全世界20個以上的國家推出。