Yvonne has over 20 years of experience in international wireless & telecommunications industry and corporate investments. Before joining WI Harper, she worked for leading smartphone maker hTC spearheading their direct investment division, which includes corporate investments, business development, and acquisition management.

Track records are very diversified from Spreadtrum(WCDMA), Cavium Networks(SSL/IPC VPN), Transilica/Microtune(Bluetooth), A10 Networks(Layer 4~7 Applications Switch), Array Networks(Traffic Manager), Opotuve(Medical device), AWind(Smarthome software), SoundHound, Shanghai F-Roads(Mobile banking), NetQMobile(Security), Armorize Technologies/Proofpoint(Vulnerabilities in Networks), Firich (POS), Heath2Sync(Digital healthcare platform for Diabetic people), acaia(Branding IoT for premium coffee lover), NextDrive(Smart energy aggregator), bitmark (Blockchain), Appier (AI solution), etc.

Yvonne began her professional life as system engineer for Taiwanese satellite communications pioneer Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI); later as Account Manager, she was stationed in the Silicon Valley to support MTI’s largest customer DMC. Yvonne returned to Taiwan in 2000 and started her career in venture capital, working under former Finance Deputy Minister Yang Zi-jiang at CDIB & Partners Investment, with a focus on wireless and telecommunications investments in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Taiwan. In 2002 she was invited to join H&Q AP, where she continued to focus on early stage investments but expanded her scope to mobile, security and software in Silicon Valley, Taiwan, and France.

Yvonne has a Bachelor in Computer Science from Tamkang University in Taiwan, an M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Pittsburgh, and received her EMBA from the National Chengchi University in 2007. She is a Director for the Chinese Alternative Energy Association, a member of National Council of Women, Taiwan, R.O.C., Founding President for the Taiwan Chapter of the University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association, and was executive secretary for Zonta, an international organization for professional women. Yvonne has also been invited to act as committee members of selected Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development Fund, directors for Taiwan Angel Club as well as Taiwan Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Foundation.

Yvonne 是美商中經合台灣辦公室的合夥人,負責台灣的投資業務,擁有二十年的國際無線通訊產業及投資成功經驗。過去參與領頭評估投資(lead investor)案包括:SoundHound、人人網、開心網、NQ Mobile (NYSE上市: NQ)、F-Roads、Spreadtrum (NASDAQ 上市) 、Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM)、A10 Networks (NYSE上市: ATEN) 、ArmorizeTechnologies (於2013年被Proofpoint購併) 、A Wind (於2013年被Barco購併) 、伍豐科技 (台灣上市),Optovue(青光眼檢測儀,2015台達電參與投資),以及安瑞科技 (台灣上市)等。近幾年則在數位醫療部分布局涵蓋糖尿病病人監測照護平台、心律不整監測貼模平台、可攜式血壓脈搏儀、智慧型整合生命訊號監測儀等。涉獵投資產業甚廣包含medical devices、mobile enterprise social software、mbile internet、cloud/platform service、telecom service、mobile banking、information security、POS、mobile semiconductor、 bio testing、OLED 及LED 等。

加入中經合以前,Yvonne任職於臺灣智慧手機領導廠商宏達電 (HTC) 直接投資業務單位,協助開展創新創業投資、併購業務及業務合作。1994年加入曾經名噪一時,因成為波斯灣戰爭時唯一對外通訊的衛星電話製造商台揚科技(MTI),培養出深厚的矽谷及竹科無線通訊產業經驗及人脈網路,時任系統工程師及駐美專案經理。2000年回台發展轉戰創投,加入臺灣直接投資始祖中華開發之轉投資公司- 開發國際投資(CDIB & Partners Investment),開創臺灣及美國地區之早期無線通訊、基礎通訊及生技基金投資事業。並於2002年受邀加入臺灣漢鼎亞太 (H&Q Asia Pacific) ,並延續移動通訊、資訊安全、軟體技術及醫療儀器等專案的早期投資。