Matt Cheng (鄭博仁) is the founder and managing partner of Cherubic Ventures (心元資本). Matt has 14+ years of entrepreneur and venture investment experience in Greater China and Silicon Valley. He was selected as "Top 20 under 40" early stage investor in China by Cyzone in 2013 & 2014. Matt was also a top-ranked ITF world junior tennis player.

鄭博仁是心元資本的創辦人及總經理, 擁有超過14年的創業及創投經驗,投資的團隊遍及大中國區和矽谷。鄭博仁於2013及2014年連續被中國知名科技媒體創業邦獲選為中國四十歲以下最優秀的二十位早期投資人 (Top 20 Under 40 Early Stage Investor in China)。鄭博仁也是前世界青少年網球選手。