John Yeh currently works as a General Manager at Hiiir Inc. In 1999, John started his own enterprise while still studying at National Chiao Tung University,. Hiiir is his third enterprise which is a huge success in which they successfully won the trust of Coca-Cola, Family Mart, Cold Stone, Starbucks and Sushi Express, by developing apps for them.
In 2013, Hiiir was invested by Far EasTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd. Combining their advantage in service, e-commerce and social media, they co-founded a brand new brand, friDay, which is dedicated to providing mobile commerce.

John 現職為時間軸科技股份有限公司總經理。他自1999年還在交通大學就讀時便開始創業,2008年創辦時間軸是第3次創業。 後續成功獲得可口可樂、全家便利商店、Cold Stone、星巴克、爭鮮等品牌的青睞,為它們開發企業 app。
時間軸科技於 2013年6月 獲得遠傳電信投資,共同打造全新行動服務品牌 friDay,結合雙方在內容服務、行動商務、社群上的三大優勢,提供多元行動生活服務。