In early 2004, before Facebook and photo-sharing sites, Evgeny (Ev) Tchebotarev created a community for photographers to meet, share photos and information. He named it 500px. 

As a Founder, Evgeny wore many hats — COO, Chief Product Officer, and later Chief Photography Officer, and was responsible for bringing the 500px vision to life through operational excellence, product innovation, community engagement and maintaining a strong link between photographers and 500px team. 

Originally from Moscow, Ev has earned a BA in Commerce and Finance from Ryerson University in Toronto, graduating with honours in 2007. He began photography in 2002 and since then he has spent the entirety of his professional career dedicated to the betterment of visual creativity, focusing on photography and design.

Ev is an active photographer, and has been honoured to judge many world class photo contests, including Red Bull Illume, Photo Life, and Sony World Photography Awards.

Since 2016 Ev travelled to Asia to explore and consult companies, where for 2 years he was focused on helping companies to build world class product management expertise. 

In July 2018, Ev joined Skylum Software as VP of Growth Asia, applying years of hands-on expertise of working with Asian companies to expand Skylum’s award-winning products to the Asian markets. 

Evgeny Tchebotarev 為 500px 的創辦人,並曾身兼執行長、產品管理及攝影師等職。500px 成立於2004年,是一個供攝影師互相交流、分享照片及資訊的線上攝影社群,身為 500px 的創辦人, Evgeny透過卓越的管理、深化社群參與的能力,及產品創新等面向實現 500px 的願景。

Evgeny自2016年起將事業重心延伸至亞洲與顧問諮詢產業,專注於幫助公司鏈結世界一流的產品管理專業知識。2018年7月,Evgeny 加入Skylum Software 擔任亞洲副總裁,運用多年的管理實踐經驗與亞洲區的公司合作,將Skylum屢獲殊榮的產品擴展至亞洲市場。

Evgeny 來自莫斯科,畢業於多倫多瑞爾森大學並擁有商業與金融雙學位。他於2002年開始攝影,從那時起,他的整個職業生涯都致力於改善視覺創造力、攝影與設計;此外,Evgeny同時也是位活躍的攝影師,曾擔任許多世界級攝影比賽的評審,包括Red Bull Illume,Photo Life和Sony World Photography Awards等。