Maibelle (林怡君) is the co-founder and CPO of Pinkoi, a leading curated community and marketplace for designers in Asia. Being responsible for all product-related matters within the company, she sets the tone for Pinkoi’s product strategy and drives development to constantly improve Pinkoi for better usability and conversion. As a designer/maker as well as an entrepreneur, Maibelle deeply understands the needs, troubles, and motivations of designers.

Prior to her Pinkoi adventures, Maibelle worked as a Senior Interaction Designer at several startups in Mountain View, CA, where she had the pleasure to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds that she has since fallen hopelessly in love with Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit. Many of the people with whom she had worked with have also continued their entrepreneurial journey and are now part of ventures like Orderahead, Vouch, SV Angel, and Shake.

Maibelle currently splits her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Taipei. Her current focus is to create world-class, satisfying end-to-end product experiences―via Pinkoi―for all brilliantly talented designers and customers to connect through.

Her lifelong passion for art and design led her to Parsons The New School for Design, where she holds an MFA degree in Design & Technology. She received her bachelor's degree in Advertising from National ChengChi University in Taiwan.

Maibelle 為 Pinkoi 的共同創辦人兼產品長,負責 Pinkoi 產品開發的規劃定調、產品策略以及 UX/UI 使用者體驗;她不僅致力於帶給每位使用者最美好的使用體驗,也積極運用設計思考為 Pinkoi 在產品開發和商業策略上,帶出跳脫框架的市場影響力。Maibelle 除了創業之外也身兼自造者 Maker 的身份,因此她總是能深深體會並理解設計師社群的需求、困難與動機。

目前居住於台灣及美國加州灣區兩地,過去 Maibelle 曾在加州山景城的幾間新創公司裡擔任資深互動設計師;在滿街都是創業家的加州矽谷與眾多優異人才一起工作後,她從此深陷創業的熱情中無法自拔。許多當時一同奮鬥的同事後來也各自走上創業的旅程,陸續參與了許多新創公司或創投如 Orderahead, Vouch, SV Angel 及 Shake等等。

Maibelle 持續專注於創造出色非凡的產品體驗;透過 Pinkoi,讓才華出眾的設計師都能快樂地仰賴創作維生,讓消費者也都能擁有獨特且令人滿足的購買經驗。

基於對藝術與設計的熱愛,她從美國紐約 Parsons 設計學院獲得了藝術創作碩士學位;大學則畢業於政治大學廣告學系。