Fai is currently a Vice President at K2 Venture Capital, a Bangkok-based VC whose focus is in early-stage technology companies primarily in Southeast Asia. Fai covers deal sourcing through to deals execution and investment portfolio monitoring across the region. Fai is also managing K2’s venture building projects, currently in AI WorkTech and blockchain insurance verticals.

Fai目前是K2 Venture Capital的副總裁,K2 Venture Capital是一家位於曼谷的風險投資公司,主要聚焦在東南亞的早期科技公司。 Fai負責該地區的交易採購、交易執行以及投資組合監控。 Fai還管理K2的風險投資項目,目前在AI WorkTech和區塊鏈保險部門。