Chaming Chang (張家銘), born in 1979, the founder of the iPartment site and iPair app (愛情公寓網站), and the chairman of Sunfun Info Co. Ltd (尚凡資訊股份有限公司). He dreamed to start his own business when he was in college. After he graduated from National Chengchi University, Department of Economics, he and three other classmates started their own business to build Taiwan's biggest social networking and dating site—iPartment, they launched a new dating app—iPair, in 2012.

Sunfun Info Co., Ltd. (5278 TT) established the iPartment website ( in August 2003 and IPO in June 2013. Currently iPartment has over 6 million registered members. iPartment provides a social network which is not limited to time nor location and makes busy people able to make new friends or meet their match.

1979年次,愛情公寓網站創辦人,現任尚凡資訊股份有限公司(5278 TT)董事長。大學就擁有創業夢,政治大學經濟系畢業後隨即與三位高中同學共同創業,打造台灣第一的雲端社群交友網站─愛情公寓,並於2012年推出iPair 約會APP。尚凡資訊(股票代號:5278)於2003年8月成立愛情公寓網站(,目前註冊會員數已超過600萬人,並於2013年6月在台灣掛牌上櫃。愛情公寓提供不受時間地理限制的雲端交友社群,讓現代忙碌人們可透過這個平台結交新朋友或是另一半。