As the Head of Product for Mozilla Asia, Joe is passionate about creating products that empower people to explore more of their online lives. He has over 13 years of experience developing and shipping innovative products such as Android, Firefox OS and Firefox Android browser apps.His latest product, Firefox Lite, was designed and built from the ground up for users in Indonesia and it has grown to 15 markets in Asia in 18 months. The success of Firefox Lite created the Mozilla Asia Product organization with the goal to create more products and serve more users in Asia.

Previously, he developed numerous innovative products such as Firefox OS for smartphones and Smart TVs and was involved in the development of the first Android smartphone when he was at HTC where he worked with major mobile carriers, chipset vendor and mobile OS provider in the US.

Having lived in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the US, Joe has developed his appreciation for differences in people, culture and perspectives. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

作為 Mozilla 亞洲產品負責人,Joe 熱衷於創造讓人們能夠盡情探索網路生活的產品。他擁有超過13年創新產品開發的經驗,包含 Android,Firefox OS 和 Firefox Android 瀏覽器 App。他的最新產品 - 專為印尼市場設計和開發的 Firefox Lite,在當地獲得廣大迴響,並在18個月內發展至亞洲15個國家。 Firefox Lite 的成功,建立了 Mozilla 亞洲產品團隊,目標在亞洲市場推出更多產品,並為用戶提供在地服務。

此前,他專注於智能手機和智能電視創新,Firefox OS 從零開始擴展到全球市場。而在 HTC 工作時,參與了第一款 Android 手機的開發,與美國主要電信商,晶片供應商和作業系統供應商 (Google) 合作。

Joe 曾在台灣,日本,加拿大和美國生活,他享受各種文化和觀點的激盪與碰撞。 Joe 擁有南加大電機工程碩士學位,目前定居在台灣台北。