Emma Liao, the Investment Manager of VIVE X Program, the global VR accelerator program of HTC. Emma has more than 6 years of experience in investment and financial. Before her roles under HTC VIVE, Emma was the financial head of a pharmaceutical company in Beijing and led the team to deal post-investment management and financial strategy. She also managed investment and M&A projects in Polaris Securities, the largest independent investment banking in Taiwan. Emma especially focuses on APAC region investment and keeps looking for talented teams. Emma earned her BBA from the National Taiwan University and investment certification in China.

Emma Liao是VIVE X加速器的投資經理,VIVE X加速器是直屬於HTC的全球VR加速器。Emma有超過6年投資與財務經驗,在她加入HTC VIVE之前,Emma是一家北京藥廠的財務主管,她帶領團隊負責進行投資後管理與財務策略。她同樣於寶來證券管理投資與併購專案,寶來是台灣最大的獨立投資銀行。Emma專長於亞太地區的投資並持續尋找投資標的。Emma畢業於台灣大學財金系並取得中國的基金管理人執照。