An entrepreneur, angel investor and business advisor for early-stage technology companies in Hong Kong, US, China, Australia and Taiwan. Felix is also the founding partner for #43 Ventures and director for WYNG 43 Social Investment, with a focus on the convergence of social innovation and technological impact.

Felix has involved in a number of startup initiatives since 2011, chairing the HK ICT startup award vetting committee 2014, serving as a committee member at the InvestHK StartMeUp Venture Forum 2013 and a founding charter member for TiE HK Chapter, fostering global entrepreneurship. He is currently a visiting lecturer at Polytechnic University on lean startup methodology/venture capital fundraising and a program advisor to the Lingnan University Entrepreneurship Initiative. Felix co-authored and conducted the ‘FinTech and Technology Innovation in Banking’ course for the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.

Prior to that, he held engineering, sales & marketing and management positions at Alcatel-Lucent, Hewlett-Packard and Nortel Networks in the Asia Pacific region. He holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (First Class Honours) and Master of Engineering Science in Telecommunications from the University of New South Wales. Felix was awarded the Australian Students Prize in 1990.

Felix 活躍於科網創業和天使投資,為創業團隊及國際機構擔任導師和顧問的角色,現時擔任 43 Ventures 始創合夥人以及 WYNG 43 Social Investment 執行董事。同時為 2014 及 2015 年度香港資訊科技初創企業獎、商業市場組別擔任評審主席,香港理工大學客席講師,理工大學以及中文大學技術支援基金 TSSSU 評核委員,國際科創組織 TiE 香港分部始創成員, 香港天使投資脈絡會員, 香港理工大學微創基金評核委員,香港投資推廣署創業論壇評審委員,以及香港中文大學創業研究中心評審及顧問。