Charles Huang (黃忠彥) has been entertaining kids and adults for over 15 years. As a co-founder of RedOctane, he co-created the Guitar Hero video game franchise, which went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales and has exceeded $5B of total revenue to date. In 2006, Huang, along with his brother Kai, was elected as one of the top 50 producers in New Media by the Producers Guild of American New Media Council membership which includes such famed movie directors as Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer.

Charles is the founder of Indigo 7 and advises numerous hardware startups in Silicon Valley.  When he is not building entertainment or hardware products, Charles serves on the University of California at Berkeley Foundation Board of Trustees, where he got his degree in Asian Studies. Charles also launched the Huang Scholars Program, a two-summer program which sends students to study language and work at internships in China.

Charles was born in Taiwan the same year his wife, Lillian, was born in Shanghai. They are the proud parents of two daughters, Kaylan and Charley. 

黃忠彦帶給大小朋友們歡樂的資歷,算起來超過15年。身為RedOctane的共同創辦人,他協助製作了熱門電玩遊戲「吉他英雄」。這個遊戲創下史上最快達到10億美元銷售額的紀錄,至今為止已經累積帶來超過50億美金進帳。2006年,黃忠彥與黃忠凱(Kai Huang)兩兄弟獲美國製作人協會(Producers Guild of America)新媒體類委員會遴選為會員,同享此殊榮的還包括好萊塢知名製作人傑瑞布凱默(Jerry Bruckheimer)與布萊恩葛瑟(Brian Grazer)。

黃忠彦也是Indigo 7的創辦人,並且指導過許多矽谷的硬體新創團隊。在開發娛樂與硬體產品之餘,黃忠彥也擔任母校加州大學柏克萊分校基金會的董事。他在該校取得亞洲研究的學士學位。黃忠彥也設立了「黃氏獎學金」(Huang Scholars Program),獲得獎學金的同學,可以連續兩年於暑假期間赴中國學習中文,並到當地企業實習。黃忠凱出生於台灣,他的太太Lillian出生於中國上海,兩人同年,目前育有一對可愛的女兒Kaylan與Charley。