Starting Lineup X is our free membership program for startups who want to start from Taiwan.

Members get access to a community of globally-minded founders, mentors, investors, media and partners along with a host of resources specifically tailored to startups going global!

Starting Lineup X (SLX) 是我們針對新創團隊所設計的免費會員計畫。

新創會員能享有量身打造的輔導服務,並透過 SLX 成為創業社群的一份子,與同樣具備國際野望的創業家、創業導師、投資人、以及合作企業夥伴共同成長,前進國際。

We are here to build a community.

TSS Mentorship Mike Zung
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Best of all: It's FREE! There's no cost to join Starting Lineup, no equity taken, and no hidden fees.


We encourage all startups to apply to Starting Lineup X! To make the most of TSS resources, startups need to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a tech startup 須為科技新創。

  2. Must be a registered company 須為已註冊公司。

  3. Must have some physical presence in Taiwan 須證明於台灣發展的意願。
    (e.g. team, operations, manufacturing, R&D)

  4. Must have an online presence  須有網路能見度。
    (e.g. functional website, company LinkedIn profile)

  5. At least 1 founder must be full-time 至少有一名創辦人為全職。

  6. Product should be operational 須有可行(可展示/使用)產品
    Product stage should be more than just a concept.

  7. Product should have traction 須證明產品具有受到市場歡迎的潛力。
    Progress should be evidenced by revenue, user acquisition, R&D, etc.

Most importantly, let us know why you’re a fit for our SLX membership program! Come tell us what you’re doing in Taiwan and show us how ambitious you are!




In order for TSS to help, we need you to keep us updated with your startup progress. To remain a member in good standing, we need you to meet the bottom line and also expect you to go beyond:

  • Co-founders commit to providing semiannual updates to TSS.

  • Teams must make progress (good or bad) in the areas of product development, traction, revenue, or fundraising.



9/1 Notice:

We have changed systems! If you applied in July-August on F6S, we will process your application now. Thanks for your patience.

7/24 Notice:

Please note that due to a high volume of applications and efforts to make improvements to the program, application processing may be delayed until after 8/31. Thanks for your understanding.

  • STEP 1
    Read the membership instruction and apply.

  • STEP 2
    Interview with TSS and get to know us!

  • STEP 3
    Get the result and keep TSS updated!

Welcome to Starting Lineup X!