Alcus Hsueh (薛慶煌) has over 10 years of professional experience in managing, global reaching and innovating for digital entertainment companies.

He is the venture capitalist and founding member at Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, an early stage VC fund focused on early stage entertainment tech & lifestyle startups.

Prior to his current career, he was working as COO advisor & executive director of Gamania group, GSEA's top internet enterprise w/ entertainment communities which include digital media, EC, payment and gaming etc.

He is also an amateur rock band vocal and adventure traveler. 

薛慶煌擁有超過十年的專業經驗協助數位娛樂公司進行管理、全球觸及和創新。他在一間專門投資娛樂和生活科技早期新創企業的創投基金,Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund擔任創業投資家和創始成員。投身現今的職業前,他曾任遊戲橘子的營運顧問和執行總監,遊戲橘子是東南亞頂尖的網路企業,其中的娛樂社群包含數位媒體、網路交易付款和電子遊戲。薛慶煌同時也是位業餘搖滾樂歌手和冒險旅行者。