Paul Wu (吳柏儀) is the CEO of GMobi (General Mobile), GMobi is founded in 2011 in response to the huge demand for mobile devices services in emerging market, GMobi created Go2Reach, a service providing turn key solution, including Reach OTA (firmware over the air), Reach Push (Push campaign), Reach Analytics (Data Analysis), Reach Payment (global billing network) ,  and apps recommendation (Reach Recommend) which assist enterprises to build up all software content and allow app developers to expand to the target market in timely fashion.

Invested by MediaTek, Singtel, Trend Micro and CDIB, GMobi is a fast growing international company. Headquarter in Taipei, GMobi has R &D center in Shanghai and business development centers in ShenZhen, India, Singapore and Russia with around 80 employees. GMobi has about 100 customers worldwide and currently 100 millions registered users with 6 millions new users join every week.

Prior to GMobi, Paul worked for internet platform and service development team at MediaTek, responsible for building up mobile service ecosystem with Google/Facebook/Yahoo/Tencent/Baidu for MediaTek chipset.

Paul positioned GMobi as an international company from the first day. With his experiences, Paul is eager to help Taiwanese startups or app developers to take on the global market. Paul received his MBA degree from Netherlands Rotterdam School of Management and a bachelor degree in Agri-Economics at National Taiwan University

吳柏儀(Paul Wu) 是GMobi通用移動的CEO, 通用移動成立於2011年,以因應行動裝置在新興市場的巨大商機,致力於提供軟體整合方案,囊括軟體更新,應用商廣告推播,全球金流,應用推薦跟數據分析,快速協助企業建置所需的軟體內容,同時幫助程式開發商迅速擴展至目標市場。

GMobi總部設於台北,並在上海設有R&D研發中心,並在深圳,印度,新加坡跟俄羅斯均設有業務辦公室,目前約有80為員工。 GMobi 全球共有80家合作夥伴,目前累積全球ㄧ億使用者,並以每個月6百萬人的速度在成長。


Paul從創業之初就立定目標讓通用移動走向全球市場,而不拘泥於中國台灣這樣二元化的選項, Paul同時熱於幫助台灣新創產業,希望能夠藉由自身經驗,幫助台灣的應用開發商或是新創走向全球 。Paul畢業於台大農經系,於鹿特丹商學院取得商碩士。