I wear many hats and pack many interests and passion into my life, living the “work and life integration” message I advocate. My coaching and consultancy practice, Third Thinking Coaching Practice, offers services relating to three key specializations: coaching, authentic leadership and positive practices for the workplace.  As a coach, I believe 'the most value a coach can offer the client is to be authentic.'

I am also an entrepreneur with a lifestyle business. Nonzero Café and Lifestyle Shop in Taipei is my social experiment in cultivating a positive eco-system, from the employees to the suppliers to the customers. Business can be a force for good, and we operate with a non-zero sum game mentality. As the co-founder of Ripplemaker Foundation (漣漪人基金會), I take the learning from my own business to help young entrepreneurs realize their dream.

  • Twenty-years experience in executive coaching, leadership development, corporate culture change, mindset and resilience development in the Asia Pacific region for global corporations.
  • Working with AAMA Taipei since 2013 on coaching start-up entrepreneurs to foster a peer-to-peer support network.
  • Having lived and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China, and studied in the US, Australia and New Zealand, I have a unique blend of Western approach and Asian sensitivity in my work.
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and studied Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) under Martin Seligman (the founder of positive psychology) at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Coaching partnership style, anchored in positive psychology, allows clients to broaden their perspectives, leading them to new insights, new behaviors and powerful results. Helping clients to face their fear is my signature strength.
  • Founded Happier Retreat for executives and business owners to recalibrate their life and wellbeing.   http://www.happierretreat.com
  • Authored the book Start Your Own Ripple Effect (漣漪詞-11個改變人我關係的正向思考) and RippleCards 漣漪卡, providing useful tools for personal development and transformation.

        Ripplemaker Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lianyiren

多元的角色讓我結合多方的興趣與對生活品味的熱情,活出我提倡的「工作與生活的整合」。我成立肯行公司(Third Thinking),提供這三項資源:教練服務、真實內在的領導力、職場的正向。作為一位教練,我相信「一位教練帶給客戶最大的價值就是教練做真實的自己。」


  • 在亞洲執業二十年,提供跨國公司企業教練、領導力發展、企業變革文化、思維與恢復力的顧問服務與課程設計。
  • 自從2013年起,和AAMA創業家搖籃計劃合作,將教練服務的資源帶入新興創業,輔導創業家建立相互支持的網絡。
  • 來自馬來西亞。高中前往澳洲,於紐西蘭完成大學學業。因工作關係旅居新加坡、印尼、香港與中國。多元的生活背景讓我在專業上有東西方思維的長處與涵養。
  • 能以英文、中文、廣東話授課。於美國賓州大學取得應用正向心理學的碩士學位,是正向心理學創始人之一馬汀塞利格曼的學生。
  • 教練風格著重互信平等,以正向心理學的角度協助客戶拓展思維,引導他們對自己有新的見解,養成新的習慣,讓客戶透過教練服務有效地達到個人目標。幫助客戶面對恐懼是我作為教練所擅長的。
  • 創辦「更快樂營」,讓高階經理人與經營者能舒展身心,重新校調人生重心。更快樂營: http://www.happierretreat.com
  • 著作有《漣漪詞-11個改變人我關係的正向思考》,推出漣漪卡,為個人突破與轉化提供一個應用的工具。

漣漪人臉書專頁: http://www.facebook.com/lianyiren