Yee Ming Tan is the founder of Third Thinking Coaching Practice and endeavors to offer services relating to coaching, authentic leadership and positive practices for the workplace. As a coach, she believes that 'the most value a coach can offer the client is to be authentic'.

As one of the first Asians to study Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) under Martin Seligman (the founder of positive psychology) at the University of Pennsylvania, she introduces the science of happiness and well-being through her writing and her corporate training programs. The Happier Cafe in Taipei serves as the base to Be Happier movement, inspiring more people to take action for a happier world. She’s the author of the book “Start Your Own Ripple Effect” and she writes columns for the Amazing Magazine in Taiwan. She also publishes a series of RippleCards tools for those who are serious in developing their own positive rippling effect. As the co-founder of Ripplemaker Foundation,  Yee Ming Tan takes learning from her own business in helping young entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

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Yee Ming Tan是肯行公司(Third Thinking)的創始人,致力於提供與教練服務、真實的內在領導力、職場的正向觀念模式。作為一位教練,她相信「一位教練帶給客戶最大的價值就是做真實的自己。」

在Martin Seligman(積極心理學創始人)門下學習的她,是取得賓夕法尼亞大學應用積極心理學碩士(MAPP)的亞洲第一人,她通過寫作和提供企業培訓計劃介紹了幸福和福利的科學。台北的Happier Cafe是Be Happier運動的基地,鼓勵更多人為更幸福的世界採取行動。Yee Ming Tan撰寫了一本名為“Start Your Own Ripple Effect”的書,並在台灣為Amazing Magazine撰寫專欄。此書為那些認真發展自己「正面波紋效果」的人提供了一系列RippleCards的工具。作為Ripplemaker Foundation的聯合創始人,Yee Ming Tan從自己的事業中學習,幫助年輕的企業家實現他們的夢想。