Work at Taiwan Startup Stadium!


Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is always on the lookout for Program Associates to join us full-time in our Taipei, Taiwan office. This isn’t your typical office job, nor is it all cool tech toys & happy hours, so read on to find out if we might be a perfect match!


Who we are and what we do

In case you’re not familiar with TSS, the short version is that we are a government-backed startup hub that helps early stage Taiwan-based startups connect with opportunities around the world. The long version can be found by doing your homework and reading up on us on this website, our Facebook page, our latest overview deck, and this quick video.

We’re a small team with big ambitions, so if you want to be part of TSS, you’ll need to know the following...

What we're looking for in new team members


We offer great flexibility and opportunities to learn, grow, and lead, but expect team members to maximize those opportunities by bringing:

  • a strong desire to commit & contribute to the mission of TSS in whatever capacity is needed

  • enthusiasm for learning & experimentation; a willingness to “figure it out” as you go

  • excellent time management & communication skills in order to work closely with colleagues on numerous concurrent projects

  • a talent for working independently and meeting deadlines with minimal supervision

  • experience in or the ability to quickly learn various tools like Typeform, Hubspot, Asana, SendGrid, and Canva, just to name a few

  • the ability to communicate fluently in either Mandarin or English, with working proficiency in the other language

Bonus points if you have skills & experience in:

  • design & editing tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro

  • both formal and informal professional English writing

  • additional Asian languages such as Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, or Korean

  • data collection & analysis

  • venture capital or other areas of startup-related finance

  • public speaking, on-stage hosting, or panel moderation

  • event photography or videography

  • social media business tools including Twitter, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more

Most importantly we are looking for folks who consider themselves fast learners, fast workers, and fast thinkers who GET THINGS DONE. If the terms “multipotentialite” or “renaissance man/woman” or “multi-talented" have been used to describe you in the past, you’re probably in the right place.


What we offer

Besides competitive salary & bonuses and flexible working hours, here are some of the cool things about working at TSS:

  • a fun, colorful open office, quiet areas for focused work, & a cafe right outside

  • Remote Wednesday — all staff work from home (or a coffee shop, if you’d like) once a week to focus on deep work

  • opportunities to travel — we visit 3-4 countries each year at minimum, and various staff are assigned to accompany startups on each trip

  • an English-first work environment — our primary language at work, including meetings and most internal communications, is English

  • Friday Happy Hour — special treats every afternoon, whether it’s bubble tea, salty snacks or cake! (and yes, there’s beer in the fridge if you prefer)

  • our huge network — the TSS office is a magnet for visitors from all over the world, and you just need to check out our mentors page for a glimpse of who might be visiting each week

  • work permit available for qualified candidates

PS: Check out our blog for more on company culture at Taiwan Startup Stadium.

What your days would typically look like

intern twitter.JPG

Because every member of TSS is contributing to multiple projects at all times of the year, and we aim to tailor each team member’s work to their strengths and passions, your daily work life might include:

  • scouting & researching high potential startups to join our Starting Lineup membership program

  • developing & executing educational programming such as our Term Sheet Bootcamp or Accelerator Coaching

  • meeting with mentors, investors, or corporate partners to identify and implement potential collaboration opportunities

  • designing and creating web and print materials, videos, and slide decks for our ongoing programs and events

  • writing blogs, press releases, marketing copy, or social media posts

  • updating or analyzing our databases of startups, investors, accelerators, media contacts, and more

  • collaborating with or leading teammates on project management down to fine details and logistics*


*Not to scare you, but... imagine recruiting and selecting 12 great startups from a pool of more than 50, training them, and then taking 25-30 people on a 2-week trip to 2 overseas cities, including 3 days of exhibition, 2 demo days, investor speed dating, business meetings, mentorship, media interviews, and more...

If your first thought is: “Sounds like so much fun!” Well, it is, but it’s also insanely hard work. You should probably be a bit scared.

If your first thought is: “Wow, that sounds incredibly complicated” and your brain is already calculating how much planning and attention to detail must be required to pull this off, you might be a great candidate for our team!

Still with us? Great! Get your CV together (PDF, please!), then fill out the following application form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Important notes:
1. This application is for full-time staff positions only. For internships, please apply here.
2. Please note that we accept applications on a rolling basis. If all positions are currently filled, we'll keep your application on file for the next available opening.


PS: 你可能會好奇,為什麼這份職缺是全英文的?因為我們的工作環境以英文為主要溝通語言,招募時也只接受*英文申請表*。請各位申請者填表時多加注意囉!