Beyond Han (韓步勇) is a successful entrepreneur of several startups, a passionate promoter of China's "Internet+" strategy in the sports world, and a professional in marketing and entrepreneurship with around 20 years of experience.

He graduated from the School of Television and Journalism at the Communication University of China in 1995, and worked for Guangdong Radio & Television Station and Hong Kong's Paper Wenweipo for seven years, engaging in journalism and media operation. Vying for the booming sports craze in China, Beyond entered the retail market of sporting goods and established his first company in 2003.

In 2008, he helped found SKOMART (名鞋庫) in Xiamen, China. The company had grown to become China's largest online sporting goods retailer in six months and has maintained its competitiveness to date. In 2015, the company made a record of hitting 160 million RMB (US$24.7 million; US$1=6.48 RMB) in single-day sales.

Foreseeing the immense business opportunities spawned from "Internet+" and sports, Beyond established a startup company focusing on smart sporting hardware in 2014. By recruiting talents from Europe, Taiwan, and Australia, the startup company, known as Gengee (極簡科技), aims to make a breakthrough in mobile Internet and smart sporting hardware for team sports such as soccer and basketball.

In around one year, Beyond and his team developed China's first smart soccer, smart basketball, and the first set of coaching system for smart soccer. Currently, Gengee has joined hands with Beijing Normal University Publishing Group to launch the "High School Campus Smart Soccer Coaching System", which has been adopted by more than 20 provinces / autonomous regions in China. Besides, the company's first smart basketball has been granted the second place for Team Contest and the first place for Internet Project Contest in the China Venture Contest of Southeast Region.

As a leader of China's smart sporting hardware, Beyond has been appointed as an e-commerce expert by the Xiamen City government and an Internet economy expert by Fujian Province. He has been invited to attend many well-known cross-strait Internet+ forums in Taiwan and China, sharing his startup experience and providing supports to startups in the field of smart hardware.



2008年, 韓步勇作為聯合創始人之一,在廈門創立“名鞋庫”。半年內名鞋庫成長為中國最大運動品類電商,並持續保持中國運動品類電商TOP1的競爭力,2015年更創下單日銷售額超1.6億人民幣的業界紀錄。


短短一年多時間, 韓步勇團隊潛心開發出中國首款智慧足球、智慧籃球以及中國首套校園智慧足球教學系統。目前, 簡極科技與北京師範大學出版集團聯合推出的“京師小將校園智慧足球教學系統”,已在中國超過二十個省/自治區全面鋪開;中國首款智慧籃球專案亦獲得中國創業大賽東南賽區(團體)第二(互聯網專案第一)。作為中國運動智慧硬體領域的領跑者,韓步勇被聘為廈門市政府電子商務專家、福建省互聯網經濟專家,多次受邀出席海峽兩岸的知名互聯網+等大型論壇,樂於分享多領域的創業經驗,為更多智慧硬體創業團隊提供創業支援。