Charles Chin (金超群) is CEO/Co-Founder of WritePath, a comprehensive cloud-based language localization platform that extends from translation to high-level editing, copywriting and desktop publishing (DTP). WritePath has been honored as the first Taiwanese team to win an overseas startup competition in Japan, and has subsequently raised funds from a Japanese early-stage VC firm. Furthermore, WritePath was selected into various acceleration/incubation programs by 36Kr’s Kr Space (Beijing), as well as by TAL (NYSE: XRS, Beijing) for Future Star, AAMA Taipei Cradle Plan (Taiwan), by Founder (Beijing), and by appWorks (Taiwan). For his part, Charles doesn't necessarily see himself as a mentor, but nonetheless he's very willing to share his own earnest experience on how to bootstrap a business, transform a business model, and apply for an overseas incubator, as well as raising early stage funding from scratch. Charles holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

金超群是WritePath 的CEO和共同創辦人,WritePath 雲翻譯是一個眾包加上機器學習的智能翻譯平台,以數位化方式進行商業文件翻譯、編輯、排版,快速協助企業建置進軍海外所需語言、網站、行銷等所有內容。WritePath是近期第一個在日本榮獲新創獎項之台灣公司。

WritePath也有許多申請國外育成/加速中心的經驗,曾獲選好未來"未來之星"二期 (北京)、36Kr氪空間三期 (北京)、北大方正孵化器 (北京)以及appWorks (台灣)。他非常願意分享如何從一開始有機發展一間公司、商業模式改進到募資加速成長的心得給創業朋友。他於美國威斯康辛大學麥迪遜分校獲得工業系統工程碩士。