Jay Onda is working with Orange Silicon Valley focusing on their Startup Investment activities focusing on various strategic areas including AI, Machine Learning, Connectivity, 5G, Logistics and Smart Cities, B2B Enterprise, and Impact related themes.

Jay was a founding member of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) where he serves as Venture Partner and Director of Strategic Investments in Menlo Park, California. Jay has also worked with various corporations to identify key up and coming trends, build strategy, and has executed award winning PoC’s and NRE’s by collaborating with startup companies around the world. He is also an active supporter of Startup Accelerators and participates as a mentor and advisor. Through his activity as a Corporate Venture Capitalist, he has deeply engaged in the startup community, many which have been acquired or are on the path of IPO.

Early in his career, he worked as a Designer, UI/UX Engineer, and Product Manager. His focus on usability and user centric design has contributed to the growth and success of companies he has worked for.

Jay Onda 目前任職於 Orange Silicon Valley,專注於人工智慧、機器學習、5G 行動通訊、物流、智慧城市、B2B 企業服務、社會影響力相關的新創投資活動。

Jay 曾是 Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) 的創始成員,在加州擔任其創業合夥人及策略投資總監。Jay 也曾協助許多企業精準預估初市場趨勢、謀劃策略,也與許世界各地的新創團隊合作,成功執行還在概念驗證階段的想法。

除此之外,他也積極擔任新創加速器的業師及顧問。在擔任企業創投的期間,他活躍於新創圈,投資眼光獨到,部分其投資的團隊已成功地被併購和正在準備 IPO。

更早之前,他曾做過設計師、UI/UX 工程師及產品經理。他專注於產品實用性及以使用者為中心的設計,成功的幫助公司迅速成長,達成目標。