Eric is currently the Director of Partnerships at Chargebee, where he is responsible for the Startup Engagement Programs and the company as well as leading partnerships across the organization. Prior to Chargebee, he has been an entrepreneur 3x (one failure, one exit and one thriving company). He has over 20-year experience of building digital products and company growth at Global 2000 firms and startups. He has deep expertise across a wide set of industries including Automotive, Financial Services, Mobile and Enterprise Software Industries. Eric has also been a nationally-recognized mobile market expert featured in CNBC, Forbes & Wireless Week.

He holds a Masters in Software Engineering and Bachelors in Business Administration, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

Eric目前是Chargebee的合夥人經理,負責公司營運和旗下創業參與計畫以及整個組織的領先合作夥伴關係。在Chargebee之前,他有三次創業的經驗(一家失敗,一家退出和一家蓬勃發展的公司)。他在全球兩千大公司和初創公司擁有超過20年的數位產品和公司發展經驗。他在汽車、金融服務、移動和企業軟體等行業擁有深厚的專業知識。 Eric還是CNBC、福布斯和無線通信周刊的全國知名移動市場專家。