Albert joined Burda in 2017 and heads Burda Principal Investments’s Singapore office. Previously he was at GREE Ventures from 2014 to 2017, where he led the fund’s investment team in Southeast Asia and India. Prior to this, he served as a Director at Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce retailer, helping build the company’s Marketplace business across the region.

Other professional experience includes co-founding an online menswear company in the US called AlbertMing Inc. and spending 5 years as a consultant at Monitor Group across the US and Asia. He completed his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley and studied at the University of Pennsylvania with dual degrees in economics and systems engineering.

Albert 在 2017 年加入 Burda Principal Investments,負責新加坡辦公室。在此之前,自 2014 到 2017 年,Albert 負責帶領 GREE Ventures 在東南亞及印度的投資團隊;他也曾擔任東南亞最大電子商務零售商 Lazada Group 的總監,協助 Lazada 建立橫跨亞太區域的市場。

另外, Albert 也是 AlbertMing Inc.(一間美國線上男性服飾公司)的合夥創辦人,並在 Monitor Group 擔任了五年美國和亞洲區的顧問。Albert 於加州大學柏克萊分校(University of California, Berkeley)完成他的 MBA 學位,並擁有賓州大學(University of Pennsylvania)經濟學和系統工程雙學位。