Lee-Feng Chien (簡立峰) joined Google since 2006 and is Managing Director and Engineering Site Director for Google Taiwan. He leads the operation and development of Google's engineering effort in Taiwan, and is a  regional lead of Chrome Product Area for APAC. He is also known for his research work on Chinese search and language processing. Prior to Google, he was research fellow and deputy director of the Institute of information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and also jointly appointed as a professor of the Information Management Department of National Taiwan University.  He received his Ph.D. in CS&IE from National Taiwan University in 1991.

簡立峰2006年加入Google, 目前擔任Google Taiwan董事總經理及台灣工程研究所所長, 負責工程團隊的營運與發展, 同時也是Google Chrome產品系列亞太區主管。簡先生在中文搜尋與語言處理科技有多年的研究經驗。在加入Google之前,曾擔任中央研究院資訊科學研究所研究員兼副所長,及台灣大學資管系合聘教授, 並且在1991年獲得台灣大學資訊工程學博士.