Hope has over two decades of television news experience gleaned from working at media brands including Bloomberg Television, CNN International, and NBC Asia. In her last media role, she was Segment Producer at Bloomberg TV, where she was tasked with identifying and bringing in headline guests based in the U.S. and Asia, and from the fields of finance, politics, and technology.

Most recently, Hope worked at The Asia Global Institute at The University of Hong Kong where she was Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations. During that time, she organized and promoted high-level, c-suite events for notable international speakers including Fung Group Chairman Victor K Fung, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, Nobel Economics Awardee Michael Spence, and MIT President Rafael Reif.

Experience gained in the fields of public relations and media has given Hope critical insights into how key messages are crafted and pitched so that they are authentic, and that they resonate with key stakeholders.

Hope 擁有超過二十年的電視新聞工作經驗,曾任職於多家媒體公司,如 Bloomberg、CNN 及 NBC。她曾於彭博電視擔任製作人,負責邀請美國和亞洲區域的大人物,上節目談論財經、政治、科技方面的議題。

Hope 也曾在香港大學 Asia Global Institue 擔任副董事,負責為知名國際講者策畫大型活動,如馮氏集團主席 Victor K Fung、IMF 總經理 Christine Lagarde、諾貝爾經濟獎得主 Michael Spence 和麻省理工學院 Rafael Reif。

Hope 的媒體公關經驗,讓她對訊息包裝與傳播手法有深刻的見解,因此能夠有依據地包裝訊息,並能引起他人的共鳴。