Tsubasa Koseki is a CEO of STYLER Inc. and created a New-Retail platform for fashion industry, "FACY" in Japan and Taiwan. Concurrently Tsubasa leads Retail/FashionTech trend in Asia. After graduating from the University of Tokyo(he majored in law and Internet), started his career at Megabanks in UK and Japan.  He has extensive experience about retail and payment gained at Amazon he used to work for. In 2017, he had a speech in Fin/Sum that is the biggest Fintech event held by Financial Services Agency Japan.

Tsubasa Koseki目前擔任STYLER的執行長,在日本和台灣創立了一個時尚產業界的新零售平台FACY,同時引領著亞洲的零售和時尚科技潮流。於東京大學攻讀法律和網際網路學士學位後,Tsubasa在兆豐銀行英國和日本分行服務。他在Amazon工作期間累積了豐富的零售和付款相關經驗。2017年時,他在金融廳舉辦的金融科技盛典Fin/Sum發表了一場演講。