CK Cheng (鄭志凱) is the co-founder and U.S. general manager of Nexis Ventures (Harbinger Venture), He previously served in Synnex Corporation (Fortune 500 companies) and Taiwan Mitac. Living in Silicon Valley for nearly three decades, his venture capital operations covered computer, networking, semiconductor and biotechnology industries. He had extensive contacts with outstanding scientific and technological talents from USA, Taiwan and China and served as director of more than a dozen business start-ups during the period, which allowed him to closely observe the evolution of the industry, the ebb and flow of the trends, as well as the hardships and rewards of entrepreneurship. He currently writes commentaries on a regular basis in the "Commonwealth" magazine and its online version "Independent Review" to explore the opportunities for and impacts on the human society brought about by  creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. His columnist articles have been compiled into a book tilted "Ceylon Style Encounter ".  He served as the president of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of America West in 2007.

聯訊創投公司(Harbinger Venture)共同創辦人及美國總經理,之前任職美國Synnex 公司(財星500大企業)及台灣神達電腦機構。

活水社會企業投資公司(B Current Impact Investment)共同創辦人及董事長。