CK Cheng (鄭志凱) has previously raised six venture funds starting from the 90’s to present, CK brings knowledge in the building of novel technologies to established multi-national corporations. He presently hold directorships in cutting edge biologic companies and advises the Ministry of Science of Taiwan.

CK Cheng (鄭志凱) was the co-founder and general partner of Harbinger Venture, He previously served in Synnex Corporation (Fortune 500 companies) and Taiwan Mitac. Living in Silicon Valley for nearly three decades, his venture capital operations covered computer, networking, semiconductor and biotechnology industries. He had extensive contacts with outstanding scientific and technological talents from USA, Taiwan and China and served as director of more than a dozen business start-ups during the period, which allowed him to closely observe the evolution of the industry, the ebb and flow of the trends, as well as the hardships and rewards of entrepreneurship.

  鄭志凱曾任聯訊創投公司(Harbinger Venture)共同創辦人及普通合夥人,之前任職美國Synnex 公司(財星500大企業)及台灣神達電腦機構。從1990年至今曾籌集6筆風險基金,並將新科技發展的知識應用在成立跨國企業上。他目前在數間尖端生物公司任領導職位,並擔任台灣科技部顧問。