Ping Chu (朱平) is a serial entrepreneur. Founded the Ripplemaker Foundation (漣漪人基金會) in 2010 to support young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. He believes that  small business is the ideal platform to experiment with profit-for-purpose business model. He is passionate about sustainable lifestyle, conscious business, social innovation and young entrepreneurs mentorship. The title of his book "Businessmaker, Daymaker, Ripplemaker" aptly sums up his philosophy. This core philosophy underpins all his businesses in lifestyle retail, restaurant, beauty school, and Red Room (a social innovation which promotes poetry, music and all forms of creative expressions. Since 2005, he established the annual “Daymaker Awards” as a tribute to his heroes in Taiwan.

1949年於成都出生,台灣長大,1974-1988年曾定居於美國。肯邦、肯夢、肯愛、漣漪人基金會、Red Room及Forward Taiwan創辦人。曾出版《生意人‧悅日人‧漣漪人》、《BE THE CHANGE 成為更好的自己》等書。


他所提出的"生意人‧悅日人‧漣漪人"概念,不僅傳達了人生哲理,更是他所有創業的基石。2008年創立肯夢學院,希望能培養台灣美髮業的風格生活家。2010年創立以幫助微型企業為概念的漣漪人基金會,支持更多年輕創業人圓夢;他亦提出「21世紀有才能的人,將會選擇在"有更高目的營利企業(Profit for Purpose Business)"開創第二生涯。」對永續發展的社會創新有熱情,目前正致力於推廣連結年輕創業人的商業模式,共同創造台灣新的可能。2005年起,更設立「肯夢悅日人獎」(Daymaker Awards),給默默為台灣付出的「英雄」們致敬。