Upon receiving her MBA degree from University of Washington, Seattle, Cortilia Lin worked on a variety of projects including new venture creation and investment raising in the field of medical device.  Her first position at Philips Healthcare was to play the role as an internal consultant via customer insights to strategize marketing plans and customer journey design for more than 30 lines of project across 17 key geographies. With success, she was recruited for Director of Customer and Brand Intelligence in Amsterdam, where she integrated advanced big data analytics in the customer and brand insights to further support 3-5 year strategic plans.   Employing bioinformatics techniques to enable innovative brand and market entry strategy has become her key strength.

Been in America and Europe for more than 10 years. Cortilia dedicates to practicing Western concepts in Asia. She is an expert of Business Operation, Innovative Technology, Brand Marketing, and Customer Experience Management, operating data science to boost business value. Prior to Funique VR, she was Director of Global Innovative Data Insight Solution at the Economist Intelligence Unit Healthcare and the Director of Brand Strategic Analysis at Philips N.V.

於美國西雅圖華盛頓大學取得企業管理碩士後,Cortilia 執行過各式不同的專案,其中包含創立新公司及醫療器材相關產業的募資。

他在飛利浦第一份工作是透過消費者洞見進而訂定行銷計畫及消費者歷程的顧問,服務超過 30 個產品線遍及 17 個地區。而後,她被調至阿姆斯特丹擔任消費者及品牌情報總監,運用大數據分析消費者及品牌力,擬出長達 3 到 5 年的策略計畫。

Cortilia 擅長運用生物資訊學(Bioinformatics)驅動品牌創新以及擬定進入市場的策略。

橫跨歐美10年,致力於揉合歐美先行觀點,在亞洲逐步實踐。Cortilia 熟稔企業營運、新興科技之產業應用、品牌行銷及顧客體驗管理,致力於運用資料科學提升商業價值。 在加入 Funique VR 團隊前,她在經濟學人智庫之前與飛利浦照明 (現更名為昕諾飛) 擔任品牌策略分析總監。