Michael Zung is marketing director at Coresight Research (Fung Global Retail and Technology), a think tank that covers the intersection of retail and technology. He also serves on the Advisory Board of micro-influencer marketing platform MuseFind, and as a mentor at New York-based tech accelerator Entrepreneurs Roundtable. Michael was an early employee DoubleClick, and he founded OneXeno, a Hong Kong-based digital marketing agency later sold to PR firm Text 100. He also started HSBC Direct in Asia, and was an executive at social commerce company Bazaarvoice.

Michael Zung 現為 Coresight Research(Fung Global Retail and Technology一家提供零售及科技業產業分析、未來發展方向的智庫)的行銷總監,同時也在微型意見領袖的行銷平台— MuseFind,以及紐約的科技加速器— Entrepreneurs Roundtable 擔任顧問。Michael 曾是 DoubleClick(一家網路廣告服務商,已於 2008年 由 Google 併購)的早期員工, 也曾成立一家香港的數位行銷代理商 OneXeno(之後賣給公關公司 Text 100)。他也曾協助滙豐集團 HSBC Direct 和社群商務公司 Bazaarvoice 建立在亞洲區的服務。