Ted Benson is a software engineer at Instabase, a fast-growing enterprise data processing startup in San Francisco. Prior to Instabase, he founded a developer platform company called Cloudstitch and led it through YCombinator, seed-funding, and acquisition. He also runs an “accidental IoT company” called Buttonjoy as a side project. 

Ted has a PhD from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where he focused on machine learning and human-computer interaction. He has taught courses at MIT, written two books on software development, and worked on DARPA-funded research programs at BBN Technologies.

  Ted Benson目前於Instabase擔任軟體工程師, 一間快速成長中的舊金山數據處理新創團隊。加入Instabase前,他成立了Cloudstitch,一間專營開發平台的公司,並帶領團隊參加YCombinator計畫、募集種子期投資和進行收購。他同時經營Buttonjoy,一間「偶然的物聯網公司」作為他的個人專案。