Tina Cheng is currently a partner and representative of Taiwan at Cherubic Ventures, leading Cherubic’s global investment and partnership. She has extensive experience working in the education and technology sector. Her past employers include Yahoo, Cisco, Trianz Consulting, and Ogilvy & Mather.

Tina holds an MBA degree from UCLA Anderson School of Management. She received her bachelor degree in Advertising from National ChengChi University in Taiwan.

Cherubic Ventures is an early stage technology focused venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley and Greater China. It has invested in over 80 companies. Prior to Cherubic Ventures, Tina has experiences working in Ogilvy & Mather, Cisco Systems, Inc., Trianz Consulting, and Envision Recruit.

成之璇是心元資本位於台北辦公室的執行合夥人,畢業於台灣政治大學廣告系以及美國加州 UCLA 商學管理研究所的她,目前負責亞洲區的投資以及幫助所投資的公司擴張至海外市場。心元資本是一早期創投公司,目前在亞洲及美國共投資了80多家新創公司。

此外,她也曾任職於奧美集團、美國雅虎、美國思科、Trianz 管理顧問等公司,亦曾在台灣共同創辦EnvisionRecruit 教育行銷顧問公司。