Ching-Mei Chen (陳慶梅) is the co-founder and Head of Product and Partnerships for the popular mobile photo app, PicCollage. Prior to her startup addiction, she survived and completed a PhD in Economics at Cornell University and worked at the Pentagon on stuff that she can't talk about.  She then fled to Taiwan where she met her current co-founders and has been operating a dual-country startup since.

陳慶梅為Cardinal Blue軟體公司共同創辦人,目前擔任「PicCollage拼貼趣」產品總監。出生於美國,大學前在新加坡長大,畢業於康乃爾大學經濟學博士,過去曾任職於五角大厦,目前居於台灣及美國加州山景城兩地,實踐startup的冒險精神!