Yaw leads IoT partnerships globally and new market expansion in the Asia-Pacific region for Twilio (NYSE:TWLO), the leading cloud communications platform. He was the architect behind Twilio’s first foray into Asia-Pacific in 2014, and orchestrated Twilio’s deployment into the region across different functional teams. These days, Yaw is spending the bulk of his time working with the Product Engineering teams to launch Programmable Wireless (www.twilio.com/wireless), Twilio’s IoT/M2M product, globally.

Yaw在領先雲端通信平台Twilio領導全球物聯網合作夥伴關係及亞太地區的新市場擴張。他是Twilio 2014年首次涉足亞太地區的建築師。他精心策劃Twilio在不同職能團隊中的部署。如今,Yaw大部分時間都在與產品工程團隊合作,在全球推出Programmable Wireless——Twilio的IoT / M2M產品(www.twilio.com/wireless)。