My Life Passion: Serve the Underserved Through Innovations

A serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Arthur works as the Executive Director at BE Capital (, a healthcare focused investment firm, where he manages and invests a portfolio of technology ventures in the USA and Greater China. Meanwhile, he is also an impact investor at #43 Ventures ( , with strong dedication to supporting youth entrepreneurship. Prior to PE/VC experience, Arthur was the CEO of Kenyataa Light World- the start-up he founded in 2010, to develop transformational technologies and business models that revolutionize the economics & daily tasks of improvised families in Africa and developing countries.

Arthur received his EMBA from Columbia and London business Schools, and is taking Stanford GSB’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. He is also an amateur Jazz sax and basketball lover.

作為一名連續創業家和創投,Arthur 現任比翼資本的執行董事 (網址:,負責美國和大中華的醫療科技新創投資,並幫助所投資團隊向海外市場擴展。Arthur 亦擔任社會影響力基金 43Ventures (網址: 的投資人,專注於 Impact Investments。並同時為 Spring Drive 的共同創始人,台灣交通大學及香港理工大學客座講師,設計多元新創課程,致力幫助創業家在初創時所需資金和資源媒合,並擔任國家發展委員會創業天使計劃評委及科技部價創計畫招集人。2015 年 MOSA (網址: 及 2016 年 Term Sheet Camp (網址: 共同策展人,協助推廣及培育台灣青年創業家精神。Arthur 從哥倫比亞及倫敦商學院獲得 EMBA,並修習史丹福大學的創新和創業課程。他也是一個業餘爵士樂薩克斯手和籃球愛好者。