Wretch Chien (簡志宇) created wretch.cc, the first and biggest blogging website in Taiwan. He built and led the team serving 6 billion page-views per month before selling the company to Yahoo!.  He spent the following 4 years with Yahoo! and led teams located globally for social and user-generated-content products. Wretch earned his MBA degree from Stanford. He is now a venture capitalist at Jerry Yang’s investment arm AME Cloud Ventures. His current investment areas include robotics, AI, bioinformatics, and aerospace.

簡志宇是無名小站創辦人。無名小站在他帶領的團隊經營下成為台灣第一大社群網站並由雅虎併購。他在雅虎四年內管理數個國際團隊與社交產品。簡志宇現在是一名創投。他在取得史丹福商學院學位後加入雅虎創辦人楊致遠的創投公司AME Cloud Ventures. 簡志宇平常的興趣是讀書,聽Podcast,看電視影集,騎腳踏車,跟慢跑。