The Triana Group, Guest Speaker for the Taiwan Startup Stadium Delegation at CCNY’s IN2NYC

Today, The Triana Group’s Managing Director Jabril Bensedrine served as Guest Speaker to the Taiwan Startup Stadium. Taiwan Startup Stadium is a strategic startup cluster based in Taipei focused on coaching Taiwanese startups to go global. This week, the cluster took a group of highly selected startups to TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

Visiting New York City as part of their trip, the startups were hosted at City College’s (CCNY) Zahn Center and introduced to the Mayor Office’s IN2NYC initiative. Jabril Bensedrine was invited to share his experience on two partly related topics: Sharing his experience as a foreign-born entrepreneur who successfully launched, funded and developed a company in the United States; His observations and advice based on his experience advising more than 78 technology companies over the past 8 years.