Taiwan Startup Stadium and Team Taiwan wow RISE 2017

The RISE Conference 2017 kicked off officially on July 11 in Hong Kong. The three- day exhibition is organized by the team behind Web Summit, which in only six years has become the largest tech conference in Europe.

This year, RISE brings together a host of exciting new and well-known tech firms from a wide variety of fields. For instance, German online booking platform Trivago, which recently has launched a highly-visible global ad campaign, is attending the show, as are established companies such as Airbus or Google. Additionally, many industry experts are presenting speeches on various topics at RISE 2017.

Team Taiwan and Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) are also presenting their innovative ideas and products at the exhibition. Actually, the latter functions as an official event partner of RISE.

In total, the Taiwan Startup Stadium Pavilion is home to eight teams from the island nation, namely Amazing Talker, FunNow, GliaCloud, Hellowings, SurveyCake, Tappay, Tricella and Pointimize.

Hong Kong – Taiwan ties

Due to its abundance of international links and status as financial hub, Hong Kong has for a long time been able to attract businesses from a wide variety of fields.

Its relations with Taiwan in particular are extraordinarily well-developed, with tourist, commercial, and industrial ties being well-developed between the two East Asian powerhouses.

Unsurprisingly, young entrepreneurs from both Taiwan and Hong Kong are enthusiastic in joining the dialogue to share their experiences and stories. What’s more, many young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong choose Taiwan as starting point of their venture, while Taiwanese startups themselves view Hong Kong as first designation of their international expansion.

At RISE, Team Taiwan was in an excellent position to attract the international audience and give overseas attendees a chance to interact with their startup roster thanks to their centrally-located pavilion. One team that wowed many visitors is GliaCloud, whose video editing solutions is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.