At least once each quarter, Starting Lineup member companies have the opportunity to participate in our exclusive members-only event: Member Day. See below for details on our next meetup! 

【TSS Starting Lineup 新創選手專屬日】TSS每一季會舉辦至少一場專屬於TSS新創選手的活動,包括認識來自世界各地創業家、接觸資深國際創業圈人物、不定期的社交聚會與資源交流等等。TSS新創成員專屬限定!更多內容請看下方活動資訊~

2016 Third Quarter

【2016 第三季:劉威廷專題講座】
Guest Speaker: Weiting Liu

September 29 at 10am
@ Taiwan Startup Stadium

See who we caught this time - Weiting Liu, Taiwanese serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Codementor. Weiting will share his wealth of knowledge on startup life in Silicon Valley. If you are a Starting Lineup member (or have already applied), RSVP below!

TSS新創選手會員專屬日又來啦!本次邀請到台灣連續創業家、現為 Codementor 執行長兼創辦人 Weiting Liu,親身密談他精彩的矽谷創業歷程。如果你已經是TSS Starting Lineup 新創選手村成員(或已經投遞申請表但尚未收到最終通知),也可以報名!

2016 Second Quarter

【2016 第二季:黃忠彥專題講座】
Guest Speaker: Charles Huang

June 17 at 3pm
@ Taiwan Startup Stadium

For our second Member Day, we have the honor of welcoming the co-creator of Guitar Hero, Charles Huang, with a discussion about what’s the next after your product development is done. If you're already a Starting Lineup member (or have already applied), click below to RSVP!

TSS新創選手會員專屬日,邀請到矽谷創業圈知名黃氏兄弟、熱門電玩遊戲「吉他英雄」的共同創辦人之一  Charles 黃忠彥,來跟TSS Starting Lineup成員們分享在創業產品開發後,下一階段團隊應該著重在哪些方向。如果你已經是TSS Starting Lineup 新創選手村的成員(或是已經投遞申請表但尚未收到最終通知),直接按下RSVP按鈕,即刻報名此講座!

2016 First Quarter

【2016 第一季:李開復專題講座】
Guest Speaker: Kai-fu Lee

March 8 at 4pm
@ Taiwan Startup Stadium

Our very first Member Day will be one to remember, as 開復老師 comes to TSS to share his insights into the latest startup trends in both Silicon Valley & the China market. If you're already a Starting Lineup member (or have already applied), click below to RSVP!

TSS新創選手專屬日的第一個活動將由李開復老師,跟所有TSS Starting Lineup的成員們近距離分享來自矽谷和中國最新的創業趨勢,如果你已經是TSS Starting Lineup 新創選手村的成員(或是已經投遞申請表但尚未收到最終通知),直接按下RSVP按鈕,即刻報名此講座!



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