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About Taiwan Startup Stadium

Founded in 2015, Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a National Brand established by National Development Council and Everiii Consulting Co. Ltd on a mission to build an important hub for Taiwan-based startups to enter the international market, to strengthen the connection with innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems at home and abroad, and to lead startups at all stages to expand existing markets and develop new markets, and, eventually, to create a regional ecosystem fostering generations of mutual benefit.

Through nation-wide branding and training to facilitate startups’ ability to bridge overseas markets, including English pitch, business development, and PR marketing techniques, we can effectively assist startups to expand and develop in global markets. We have long held various matching and networking activities in the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and most importantly Taiwan, providing startups abundant resources from government agencies, venture capitals, angels, corporations, and media, and at the same time, projecting the innovation momentum and excellence of Taiwan.

Since its founding in Taiwan, TSS has been coaching and leading 100+ startups to participate in overseas exhibitions (#TaiwanRocks Tour). TSS’ membership program has a portfolio of 150+ startups with viable products/services and users. In 2018 alone, 12+ Pitch Days were held to coach 40+ startups to fine-tune their pitch decks. Accumulated, TSS members raised over $42 million in 2018. Through a forum of events, TSS can successfully accelerate startups’ expansion to overseas markets, gaining the attention of both international investors as well as potential partners and customers.


Featured Press

TSS has extensive appearances on both local and global tech & business media, including outlets such as Forbes, Meet (創業小聚), Taiwan Business Topics, The News Lens, Jumpstart, Techsauce, The Momentum, The Burn-In, The Sun Daily, Digitimes and more.


Featured Interview & Video

For the fourth year 2018 #TaiwanRocks Tour, Taiwan Startup Stadium brings 12 up-and-coming startups to make first ever presence at Collision Conference.

Get to know the Starting Lineup at RISE Conference Hong Kong from Taiwan Startup Stadium and find out more!

Check out TSS’s signature coaching program - Term Sheet Bootcamp in Taipei, Bangkok and Tokyo.

民視【科技 x 創世代】新創新世界,日前訪問TSS台灣新創競技場旗下Akohub, CakeResumeTrinalog等具潛力的科技新創團隊,並藉由專題帶領觀眾從美國矽谷創業加速器的現況,回頭瞭解臺灣各個新創基地的最新發展。

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