2018 Term Sheet Bootcamp Roadshow

Term Sheet Bootcamp is a 3-day bootcamp designed to build stronger connections among players in the local startup ecosystem, to bridge investors and startups, and to educate startups on term sheets and negotiations.

With lectures, panel discussions with investors and legal experts, interactive workshops and role-playing, and 1-on-1 office hours with investors, our goal is to empower startups with the knowledge and skills to successfully fundraise.

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This year, we’ll be holding our bootcamps across 3 different countries — Taipei, Bangkok, and Tokyo! If you’re a startup wanting to learn how to fundraise and negotiate, and you want to get connected to local ecosystem partners and investors, join us!

December 13-15 Tokyo: Boost You Up Program

Now Open For Registration!

After the 5th time to bring global fundraising knowledge for startups in Taipei and Bangkok, this is our very first time to serve startups in Tokyo! We have seen that educating startups of the global investment environment is one of the very essential steps to build up the right mindset before reaching out to any possible leads. If you are interested in go-global startup scene and cross-border fundraising scene, come attend and enjoy the networking!


The December 13-15 Tokyo activity includes 2-day Term Sheet Bootcamp and 1 demo day, designed to:

  • Bridge overseas speakers/investors and startups (Private 1:1 office hour)

  • Educate startups on term sheets and negotiations

  • Explore global investment trend across verticals

  • Build stronger connections among players in the go-global startup ecosystem


  • Startups at funding stage from seed round to series B/even above

  • Startups interested in global investment trends

  • Corporates who are working on investment or collaboration with startup teams

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Term Sheet Bootcamp: Boost You Up

December 13-14 | Tokyo

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Pitch Day: Boost You Up

December 15 | Tokyo


November 12-14 Taipei: Show Me The Money

  • Registration Closed. Previous Event Page: HERE


November 23-25 Bangkok: Show Me The Baht

  • Registration Closed. Previous Event Page: HERE