Applications are now closed. 
Congratulations to the selected teams!

  • #TaiwanRocks Pavilion (8 teams)
    AmazingTalker, FunNow, GliaStudio, Hellowings, 
    Pointimize, SurveyCake, TapPay, Tricella

  • Alpha team (2 teams)
    Her/Him, OysterX

Running until June 1st, these 10 startups need your votes! The top 2 teams will compete with startups from other Asian cities for the chance to attend the world’s largest tech conference WebSummit!

Let's go rock RISE ! 

A 2-minute pitch could win your startup a booth, hotel, and airfare to RISE with TSS !
用 2 分鐘電梯簡報,贏得與 TSS 一同前往亞洲科技盛會 RISE 的展位、住宿與機票!

This summer we're excited to bring awesome Taiwanese startups to rock RISE conference HK, hosted by Europe's largest tech conference Web Summit! If you've got international ambitions for your startup, then don't miss out on this great opportunity in one of Asia's major global hubs to network with hundreds of investors, international media, and thousands of attendees in just three days! 

So, what do you need to do?  Just show us you’re business savvy, passionate for tech, and ready to change the world in a 2-minute onstage pitch. No slides.  Registration deadline is May 21 !

今年夏天我們很興奮,要帶著 8 個超棒台灣新創團隊前往由歐洲最大科技盛會 Web Summit 在亞洲主辦的 RISE conference HK!如果你的團隊擁有進軍國際市場的宏大野望,那就不要錯失良機,在三天會展期間到這個亞洲大型國際聚落和上百位投資人、國際媒體、以及上千位會展參與者互動交流!

你需要怎麼做呢?來參與我們的徵選大會 Rock the Mic to RISE,只需準備 2 分鐘英文說明,講出你的生意經,你的科技魂,你想改變的世界,無需準備投影簡報。報名截止日為 5/21!

The event organizer reserves the right 1) of final decision on the trip qualifications of a selected team, and 2) at the event organizer's discretion, to amend the final number of teams to be taken on the trip. 主辦單位將保留 1) 判定入選團隊是否符合參與本行之最低資格門檻及 2) 依情況調整最終錄取名額數量 之權利。

Important dates to remember:

  • May 21  Registration deadline for #RocktheMic to RISE

  • May 24  #RocktheMic to RISE event

  • May 25  Announcement of 10 selected teams

  • May 25 - June 1  Public online voting period for People's Choice Award

  • June 2  Announcement of 2 People's Choice Award winners to compete at RISE Breakthrough Competition

  • June 14  RISE pre-conference training 

  • July 6  RISE pre-departure meeting

  • July 10 - July 14  #TaiwanRocksHK Tour

10 teams will be selected:

If you've got international ambitions for your startup, then pitch at Rock the Mic to RISE 2017, and win a chance to attend RISE Conference HK. This year 8 teams will win a spot in the #TaiwanRocks Pavilion and get a full ride (lodging, airfare, & booth/entry covered) while an additional 2 teams will win Alpha booth tickets.

  • TSS will select 8 teams to join us on full ride to RISE conference HK
  • TSS will additionally select 2 teams to receive Alpha booth tickets complimentary of RISE (note: to be eligible for the Alpha Booth Tickets, teams must not have received funding over $250K)


TSS benefits to Full Ride teams:


During the trip...

During our 5 day 4 night tour in Hong Kong we'll attend the 3-day RISE Conference, company visits, networking events as well as host a #TaiwanRocksHK demo day to pitch our startups within the HK startup community!

Day 1  | July 10 : Arrive, Company Visits
Day 2 | July 11 : Conference Day
Day 3 | July 12 : Conference Day
Day 4 | July 13 : Conference Day
Day 5 | July 14 : Company visit, #TaiwanRocksHK Demo Day, Return to Taipei

Rock the Mic to RISE

Pitch rules:

  • 2 minutes, followed by possible Q&A from judges
  • Must be fully done in English
  • NO slides (only one screenshot will be shown)
  • NO product demos (no products on stage!)

Event details:

Date: May 24, 2017 (Wed)
Check-in: 1:00PM
Pitch Start Time: 1:30PM
Location: Syntrend 11F - Civil Blvd. Sec. 3 No. 2, 11F

Our ROCKing Judges

Arthur Chen (BE Capital).png


Executive Director
BE Capital

beverly chen.jpg


Vice President



General Manager
Taiwan Startup Stadium

Bonus Prize! 

This year, all 10 selected teams will also be automatically enrolled to win the People's Choice Award through a public online voting process. The top 2 teams with the most votes will get a chance to represent Taipei and compete against other Asian cities at RISE's Breakthrough Competition whose champion gets to go to Web Summit!    

  • May 25 - June 1 - Voting takes place for the People's Choice Award. The public will get to vote for their favorite startup among the 10 selected teams from Rock the Mic to RISE.  

  • June 2 - TSS will announce the winners of the People's Choice Award by picking the top 2 teams with the most number of online votes. 

  • July 13 - The 2 winners of the People's Choice Award will represent Taipei and compete against selected teams from other Asian cities at the Breakthrough Pitch Competition at RISE Conference.

  • Nov 6 - 9 - The winning team of the Breakthrough Pitch Competition will receive 2 entry tickets and 1 booth for 1 day at Web Summit in Lisbon.

How to register:

In order to join Rock the Mic to RISE , your team must meet the following requirements:

  1. Is a Taiwan-based tech startup (at least 1 engineer/developer on team, producing a software or hardware/IoT product)
  2. Company (headquarters, branch, or subsidiary) is registered in Taiwan
  3. At least one founder must be a Taiwanese citizen or, if a foreign resident, legally employed in Taiwan by the registered company (through entrepreneur visa, APRC, JFRV)
  4. Product must have strong international potential
  5. Team must have at least a demo-able working prototype (hardware) or public beta (software) by May 21 . Note: Product demos will not be permitted during the pitch, but TSS reserves the right to request a demo before making a final decision.
  6. Founder or Co-Founder is able to introduce the product in English
  7. Available to travel from July 10-14, 2017 to Hong Kong for attending Rise Conference HK and other TSS events.
  8. Available to participate in pre-conference training on June 14, 2017.

Important note: To be eligible for the 2 Alpha Booth Ticket prizes, startups additionally must have not received more than USD $250K in funding.

If you're unsure whether your team qualifies, feel free to contact us with questions.

Rock the Mic to RISE FAQ:

  • What criteria will be used to select the teams?
    Primarily, teams will be selected based on how ready they are to exhibit to an international audience. Having a mature product, clear branding, and an engaging presentation will all help to win over our judges!

  • If our team wins, how many team members can join?
    Winning teams will be sponsored to bring two team members. (Round-trip flight, hotel accommodations, conference passes and exhibition space, and some group meals are included.) If additional team members besides the two would like to attend, they must arrange their own travel plans and cover their own costs of attendance. 

  • Oh no! Our team won't be in Taiwan on May 24! Can we still register?
    We encourage all teams to pitch live, as our judges will be able to ask follow-up questions that may help us better understand your product. However, if none of your co-founders are available to pitch live on May 24, we can accept your pitch by video, following the same rules as the live pitch. Videos will be reviewed on May 24, but the teams will not be given the opportunity to answer questions.

    To submit your video, register as usual and reply to the confirmation email you receive to inquire about how to submit a video pitch.

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